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Curve Paths in Illustrator: Quick & Easy Tutorial

In AI CC 2014 (version 18.1.0), we saw an update to what was formerly called the Convert Anchor Point Tool and is now called simply the Anchor Point Tool.  With this tool (which hides under the Pen Tool, hot key shift + C), it's a breeze to convert straight paths to curve paths.  We love how beautifully this feature works for curving paths on fashion sketches.  

First, check to make sure you are on the correct version of AI (not just AI CC, but AI CC 2014).  Choose Illustrator > About Illustrator and make sure the version is 18.1.0.

Starting with a simple block sketch of a pair of undies or bathing suit bottom, we'll use the Anchor Point Tool to curve the paths.  Find it under the Pen Tool.

With the tool, click and drag on any path that you want to curve.  The does not have to be selected (or it can be) and the curve will be added (without adding any extra anchor points!).  

Finish adding curves and complete your sketch!  We're thrilled with how lovely and simple this tool is to use, especially in comparison to the pervious "version" of it, the Reshape Path Tool (while it's great, it's not the most user friendly).